Vaizard contacts

Contact information

Vaizard Institute

address: Kainarova 26, Brno, 61600, Czech republic

 e-mail: vaizard [at]

phone: +420 776 706 254




twitter: @VaizardOrg



The Vaizard Institute was registered by the Registration court in Brno, on 2010-07-15, under the file number O 418. The institute is identified with the ID 292 28 107. It is registered also by the:

  • Ministry of Finance of the Czech republic - ARES
  • Ministry of Justice of the Czech republic -
  • Ministry of the interior of the Czech republic -


Bank connection

bank: Fio banka, bic/swift: FIOBCZPPXXX

address: V Celnici 10, 117 21 Praha 1, Czech republic,

account: 2000075685, national routing no. 2010 

iban: CZ8620100000002000075685

transparent account


We accept bitcoins: 1BnY398gYYK1ANEBTywFHU9cKCBaQuJEmG